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Weather is sometimes as simple as rain drops falling into your palm or on your umbrella canvas, but it can also be complex and scary. Air can form tornado funnels whirling through the sky. We need the different elements of weather – rain, snow, hail, ice, and others – to support our life here on Earth. It is fun to learn about weather and the ways it affects people according to where they live. Children in other countries have different weather conditions. Some rarely see snow, while others may live in a place where it might rain for long periods of time. No matter where you live, weather is all around you. You can watch, learn and experience it every day.

What Is Weather?

Science of Weather

  • Meteorology – Some great weather lesson plans for teachers to utilize.

Geography’s Role in Weather

  • LA Weather – Useful links to pages about weather in Los Angeles and the rest of the United States.

Forecasting Weather

  • Predict-o-Matic – Use the predict-o-meter to forecast future weather.
  • Umbrella – If you suspect it will rain, don’t forget to pack your umbrella.


  • Ask an Expert – Get answers to climate change questions.
  • Climate and Global Change – Extensive information about climate change, global warming and other weather topics.
  • Climate Change – What is climate and can it be changed?
  • Global Warming and Penguins – Report on how global warming impacts penguin populations.
  • Mercury Rising – Take a virtual ten day expedition to Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica.
  • Unite for Climate – Online resources related to climate change.

Extreme Weather

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