Fred Jaicks  Written and compiled by Fred Jaicks.


The changing patterns of weather elements are great subjects for photography because they reveal the splendor of nature in a most unpredictable way. Extreme weather conditions provide the best settings for weather photography, but it can be dangerous for photographers who have to brave the storms and other natural hazards to capture images of nature in its grandest form. Still, many photographers find the risk worth taking, and this is quite understandable when people get the chance to see their awe-inspiring work.

Here is a list of websites that offer some of the most fascinating photographs of different weather elements:


  • Atmospheric Optics: Links to sites on water, ice, clouds and weather.
  • Extra Help: Cloud ingredients and the precipitation they can create.
  • Cloud Gallery: Photos of different types of clouds and other weather elements.
  • Cloud Photos: A list of cloud images with descriptions.


  • Hills Rain: Links to prove that weather is more than just an idle conversation piece.

Storm Damage


  • Flood Photo Gallery: Photos of floods in different parts of the US.
  • Historic Flood Photos: A collection of images of some of the major floods that took place in the past.



  • Tsunami Pictures: A list of photos that show the destructive power of tsunamis.
  • Photos of Tsunami: Photos of the tsunami disaster that took place in Hilo, Hawaii in 1946.