fire pit

Enjoy your patio year-round by adding a fire pit for warmth. ATTRIBUTION: Travel Nevada (Flickr)

As the weather gets chilly, many of us spend less and less time outdoors. However, the winter season doesn’t have to mean the end of your time out on your patio. Extend the patio season by adding decorative elements, cozy fabrics, and sources of heat to help keep you and your guests toasty. Here are a few easy ways to transform this outdoor space into a cozy spot for the whole family to enjoy during the winter season.

Decorate for the Season

Create a bright and inviting patio space by incorporating some festive winter décor. Opt for a bold color scheme to accent the patio, such as deep blue, burgundy, and classic black. To set the mood, hang exterior string lights or icicle-style lights. To maximize your space, keep it simple by adding traditional holiday décor, such as a decorative wreath, potted winterberry plants, and elegant garland made of fresh, green foliage.

Warm Your Hands by the Fire

As the colder temperatures roll in, it may be necessary to add a heat source to your patio so that you can better enjoy your time outdoors. Create a centralized heat source that friends and family can gather around, such as a fire pit. If building or buying a fire pit isn’t an option, consider a tabletop or full-size patio heater. Patio heaters are available in various finish options to complement your existing décor.

Create a Relaxing Space

Elements such as plush throw pillows, comfy cushions, fleece blankets, and thick rugs can add instant warmth and texture to your patio. Keep these items dry by adding a roof and curtain walls to your patio, which also help to block chilly breezes. To make the space even more relaxing during the winter months, consider installing a radiant floor-heating system, which works to keep your feet extra-warm.

Install a Hot Tub

There’s nothing like soaking in a bubbling hot tub on a cold winter’s night. Sip hot chocolate and enjoy a loved one’s company as you escape from the frosty temperatures. It’s not fun entering the cold, crisp air after a long soak in the tub, so be sure to acquire an outdoor towel-warmer so that you can stay warm and comfortable as you make your way back indoors.

Temporarily Enclose the Patio

If you’re looking to spend a great deal of time outdoors in the winter, you may want to consider enclosing your patio. There are many temporary solutions that help to keep out harsh winds and snow but can be easily taken down come spring. One of the easiest and most effective options is clear vinyl curtain enclosures. These thick panels protect against rain, snow, and cold temperatures and can be found in various sizes to fit your patio.

Gaze Up at the Stars

During the winter months, outdoor activities can be limited. One way to entertain family and friends on your patio is by hosting a stargazing party. Pass out the blankets and warm beverages and snuggle up as you gaze up at the winter sky. This activity is perfect for children’s parties during the winter months or on any night when the sky is clear and the stars are visible.