A rusty, dirty, or unkempt mailbox can leave a dismal first impression. With a simple mailbox makeover, you can instantly enhance your home’s curb appeal and flawlessly incorporate your mailbox into your landscaping. From a splash of paint to the application of new house numbers, I found that upgrading a mailbox takes minimal time and effort but can make a significant curbside statement.

Line it With Paper

Use wallpaper or other thick decorative paper to line the inside of your mailbox for an instant pop of color or design. Begin by measuring the space inside your mailbox and cutting the paper into strips to cover the bottom, top, and each side. Use a paintbrush to apply Mod Podge over each strip of paper, and press it firmly into place. With the mailbox door open, allow the wallpaper to dry in a warm, dry environment for at least 24 hours. If you live in an area with heavy rainfall, consider applying a waterproof sealer over your wallpaper to help prevent stains and discoloration.

Add a Potted Plant

There are several fun ways you can incorporate plants around your mailbox. Many people choose to add plants around the post of the mailbox, either directly in the ground or in pots. To make the mailbox itself stand out more, consider adding flowers around the outside. Attach flowerpots to the sides or top of the mailbox to display your favorite potted plants. A flower box can also be attached to the back of the mailbox or the post itself. Incorporate cascading flowers to make the pot seem full and flourishing.

Personalize it

There are many ways that you can personalize your mailbox so that it better reflects your family and home. Consider adding numbers or lettering to the sides, such as the street address, a monogram and full last name, or your last name only. Vinyl cutouts work great to create designs and usually adhere well to most surfaces. You can also personalize your mailbox with a stencil. With stencils, you can create a wide array of designs, from plants and animals to polka dots and chevron patterns. If you don’t think you have the skills needed to DIY your mailbox makeover, consider a fast and effortless upgrade with a magnetic mailbox cover.

Switch to Copper

If you prefer the look of a simple, vintage mailbox, consider switching to a copper mailbox. Copper is a classic metal that can give your home a distinguished curb appeal. While there are numerous copper finishes to choose from, one of the most popular is the patina finish that gradually develops over time. Without a topcoat to protect it, copper will weather naturally, creating a beautiful patina that has a blue-green tint. If you prefer the shiny look of new cooper, the metal requires a coat of lacquer to prevent it from showing its age. For a more budget-friendly route to creating a copper mailbox, consider applying a metallic copper spray paint to your existing mailbox. Be sure that the spray paint you use is for exterior use.