It’s the beginning of April, meaning the Masters Tournament is in full swing. Like most golf fans, I enjoy a leisurely round of golf but don’t always have time to get to the course. I’ve found that the next best solution is to practice in my own backyard. There are many ways to incorporate a putting green into your landscape, and you don’t need acres of land to do it.

Backyard Putting Green

If you have space in your yard and a few basic tools, you can create your own putting green. The first decision you’ll have to make is whether to go with real or synthetic grass. Real grass is typically grown using creeping bentgrass, while synthetic grass is usually made of nylon or polypropylene. To make your own synthetic putting green, you can purchase a kit or create a frame from wood and cover it with artificial grass. If you use real grass, you will need to keep it trimmed to a quarter-inch or less.

Sand Trap

Adding a sand trap to your backyard golf range helps create more realistic terrain and improve your bunker play. While it’s not strictly necessary, try to place the sand trap at the top of a hill to allow for proper drainage. Sand traps can be constructed by digging up an area of ground and filling it with a layer of gravel, a tarp with holes (to curb plant growth while still allowing for drainage), and then sand. Use the dirt you took from the hole to create a border around the sand trap.

Floating Practice Green

Most golf enthusiasts can appreciate the look and function of a floating golf green. A floating practice green that you place in your pool is a great way to practice your chipping without having to sacrifice a large area of your yard. Most kits come with floating golf balls that ensure that you don’t have to dive into the pool to retrieve your balls. One of the biggest benefits of floating practice greens is that they’re only temporarily and don’t require you to alter your landscape. Simply remove the floating practice green from your pool after you’re finished with your practice or before you go swimming.

Portable Putting Green

For home golfers who don’t like the permanence of a backyard course, there are portable putting greens. Available in a variety of sizes and designs, portable putting greens can provide you with a realistic putting surface in nearly any area with flat ground. Quality options often feature natural-looking grass with a base that is spongy and springy, which helps support the golf ball as it’s rolling. Many of these portable golf greens take just minutes to set up and can be rolled up for easy storage. Not all portable putting greens are designed for outdoor use, so be sure to choose a product that meets your needs. With a portable putting green at your disposal, you can master your game on your own time.