Bird Feeder

CAPTION: Dad will enjoy watching birds eat at his new feeder. ATTRIBUTION: likeaduck (Flickr)

If your dad has a green thumb, consider giving him a unique gardening gift this Father’s Day. From cool and functional aerating footwear to a comfy hammock where Dad can take his afternoon naps, there are plenty of gift ideas for all types of outdoorsmen. Check out these great gardening gift options for Father’s Day to show your dad just how much you appreciate everything he does.

Aerating Shoes

Aerating shoes have solid spikes on the soles that are used to create soil holes as you walk across the ground. All grass species require a friable soil texture to prevent drought stress and to deeply spread roots. Aerating a lawn can also help remove thatch, or patches of grass blades, weeds, and creeping grasses that suffocate healthy plants. Most types of aerating shoes are slip-on coverings or “sandals” that are worn over casual shoes.

Potting Bench

Give Dad his very own area to re-pot plants and accomplish other gardening tasks. With a dedicated workstation, all of the essential hand tools your father will need for gardening purposes will be right at his fingertips. Potting benches are available in indoor and outdoor designs, often with weather-resistant finishes to prevent soil, water, and fertilizer from damaging the surface. Potting benches on the market today suit all budgets.

Hand-Held Leaf Blower

If your dad loves getting new gardening gadgets, he’ll love his own hand-held leaf blower. These lightweight tools are excellent for small yard cleanups. Hand-held blowers range from electric or battery-powered models to high-efficiency gasoline-powered engines. Adjustable blower tubes make cleaning up your landscaping a breeze. Remember that these blowers are not just for moving around leaves. They can also be used to clean out gutters, remove grass clippings, blow dirt off of equipment and surfaces, and remove garbage or debris from yards.

Bird Feeder

Help your dad attract colorful birds to his garden by giving him a bird feeder as a Father’s Day gift. There are numerous types of bird feeders, such as chandelier-style feeders, basket feeders, feeders that hang from hooks, and hummingbird feeders. Bird feeders not only act as an invaluable source of food for hungry birds in the neighborhood, but they also make for wonderful decorations.

Garden Cart

Garden tools and equipment can be heavy and bulky, making them difficult to maneuver. Lessen the hardship by giving Dad a rolling garden cart that will hold all of his gardening supplies. Garden carts usually have two or four wheels and are available in a wide variety of sizes and materials. Your father will be able to easily haul plants, wood, and tools without straining his muscles.

Cotton Hammock

There’s nothing like relaxing in a breathable cotton hammock after a long day of gardening. Cotton net hammocks cradle the body, allowing for hours of comfort. Dad can enjoy the fruits of his labor as he rests in a soft hammock in his garden or backyard. Hammocks can be attached to existing trees or can be purchased with a stand for easy setup. String up a hammock and let the relaxation commence.