tiny house

Incorporate tiny-house features in your regular-sized home. ATTRIBUTION: Ben Chun (Flickr)

Over the past few years, tiny houses have been popping up across the country. These pint-sized dwellings are the homes of choice for people looking to significantly downsize and lead simpler lives. As space is limited, homeowners are forced to abandon clutter, find ways to organize, and maximize the space they do have. While these homes do have their perks, the tiny-house life is not for everyone. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some aspects of tiny houses into your regular-sized home.

Find Space in Unconventional Places

In tiny homes, finding storage space is like a puzzle: You have to strategize to make things fit properly. You can do the same in your own home by thinking outside the box when it comes to storage. For instance, as we have limited cupboard space in our kitchen, we installed wire shelving to hold baking sheets, pots, and pans. To give us more storage space in our bedroom, we placed the bed on risers.

Double the Function of Each Room

Who says a dining room can only be used for eating? Add a bookcase and a comfy chair in the corner and it doubles as a mini-library. If you don’t have the extra room for dining, eat directly in the kitchen. Add bar stools to an existing kitchen island or countertop, or place your table on casters so that it can be easily rolled into the corner after mealtime.

Live Like a Minimalist

If you’re new to minimalism, this concept encourages you to live with less and to challenge yourself to achieve a better quality of life without material things. Having less stuff is essential when you live in a tiny home. It can also be freeing when you live in a larger one. When decorating as a minimalist, opt for a few high-quality pieces that you love instead of many cheaper items that you like.

Choose Furniture for its Practicality

When choosing furniture for your home, look at more than just the style and color. Consider how it will fit into the space. Maybe you could get stackable chairs that can be put away while not in use. Or perhaps you might choose an ottoman that can open up to conceal extra blankets, pillows, or DVDs. Tables placed on hinges can be folded up against the wall, and benches can be used to store children’s toys or pet-care items.

Maximize Exterior Space

Don’t let unused yard space go to waste. Incorporate more living space by installing a patio, deck, or even a picnic table and barbecue area. You can also boost your home’s square footage by adding a pop-out porch. Some tiny houses actually use part of the home’s exterior as a porch, folding the wall down during the day and closing it back up at night. If you’re not ready to build a permanent addition to your home, you can build a temporary one with an awning kit or by hanging outdoor curtains.