Who says you have to use your shed to store your lawn mower or garden tools? Consider turning your shed, lean-to, or other outdoor structure into a backyard hangout. From mini-kitchens to lounge areas, there are plenty of ways to extend your living space and create a room to entertain and relax in your own backyard. Before getting started, I recommend choosing a theme for your new space, such as a pub, library, or TV room.

Outdoor Kitchen

As the weather gets nicer, many homeowners prefer to eat their meals outdoors. However, cooking and transporting food from the kitchen to the backyard can be time-consuming and prevent you from enjoying the outdoors. Instead, try turning your shed into an outdoor kitchen. While a stove is most convenient, you can cook on a regular grill or using a wood oven. You can then add countertops to prep food, a table, and plenty of seating.

Backyard Pub

Create a space in your backyard where you can grab a drink after work and unwind. The main focus of your pub should be a bar area where you store, make, and serve drinks. Add bar stools, mood lighting, and a mini-fridge to keep your beverages cold. If you add a television, you can watch the game while enjoying an ice cold beer.

Potting Shed

Gardeners might use a simple shed to create a home for their extra pots, soil, and other supplies. Add a table, potting bench, and shelving for your tools. If your shed is large enough, you can start your seedlings in containers and keep them near windows for sunlight. You can also convert your shed into a greenhouse by installing polycarbonate or glass panels on the sides and roof of the structure.

Craft/Art Studio

Nature has a way of enhancing our natural creativity. Build a craft or art studio in your backyard to draw inspiration from your surroundings as you can enjoy your favorite hobbies. Add all of the equipment and supplies needed to create art as well as a table and seating. An art studio is ideal for all types of crafts, including knitting, crocheting, felting, painting, and quilting.

TV Lounge

Is your living room constantly crowded with kids or other family members? Bring your viewing experience outdoors by creating a TV lounge in your backyard. Run electricity to your shed and install a flat-screen television. Add plenty of plush seating as well as a mini-fridge for drinks. To make the space really cozy, consider building a fireplace to keep the space warm on chilly evenings.

Reading Room

If you love a good book, build a mini-library in your backyard. Install sturdy bookshelves to store your books and comfy seating where you can sit and read. This cushy retreat can offer a quiet and peaceful place to go when you need to de-stress. Be sure to add adequate lighting so that you can read day or night. Keep the space clean and simple to avoid distractions. Depending on your location, you may need to install portable cooling or heating systems to keep your shed temperature-controlled.