Wheel barrow garden

Instead of simply tossing out my old gardening tools when they need to be replaced, I prefer to repurpose them. An old, rusty wheelbarrow became a rustic planter, and a broken shovel became an accent piece for my front door. Upcycling requires effort and creativity, but it’s worth it to give your everyday tools new life. You can keep your old garden tools out of the landfill while providing your yard with eye-catching statement pieces.

Rake Head Tool Organizer

Constantly losing track of your frequently used garden tools? Build a simple and effective hanging system to organize your trowel, dibble, and hand cultivator. All you need to create this storage solution is a bow rake head and a few screws. Use the screws to attach the rake head to a wall with the tines pointing out. Next, attach string or twine to your gardening tools to allow them to easily hang over the tines. If your tools don’t already have a hole in the handle, you may need to drill one into the handle using a drill bit. This cheap and easy hanging system will give your gardening tools a home, meaning no more lost or misplaced tools.

Shovel Door Décor

Old shovels make excellent décor and can be altered year-round to suit the season. In the spring and summer, decorate the shaft of the shovel with beautiful blooms. In the fall, attach spooky Halloween lights, small decorative pumpkins, or orange flowers. In the winter, enhance your shovel with ribbons, greenery, pine cones, or Christmas bulbs. The blade of the shovel can also be painted. In the winter, paint the blade white and create a snowman face, or paint it red with a cheery holiday message like “Be Merry.”

Garden Hose Wreath

Make a garden hose wreath to adorn your front door. Decorative garden hose wreaths also make the perfect gift for gardeners. If your hose is too long, cut it down so that it doesn’t make more than three or four layers. Hide the cut end of the hose on the bottom of the wreath so that it doesn’t show. Use floral wire and hot glue to attach the sections of hose together. Next, use hot glue to attach items to the front of the wreath. While the options are endless, consider small watering cans, plant pots, trowels, gardening gloves, and even packets of seeds for decorations. If you prefer, you can decorate your hose wreath traditionally with flowers and a bow.

Shovel Bird House Stand

Have an old shovel, spade, fork, or rake lying around? Use it for the base of a bird house. Start by cutting the end of the handle so that the bird house can sit flat. Next, screw a small piece of wood on the top of the shovel to which you can attach the bird house. Once the birdhouse is secure, simply push the shovel or other garden tool slightly into the ground so that it stands up on its own. Place bird seed in the bird house and wait for some feathered friends to find your backyard.