fire glass

Try fire glass instead of traditional wooden logs in a gas fireplace. ATTRIBUTION: Wicker Paradise (Flickr)

I love outdoor fire pits: They not only provide warmth but also give a property a more high-end look. Today, there are many styles of fire pits that you can buy or make yourself, ranging from traditional paver-built pits to non-traditional gas-powered pits. Before choosing a fire pit for your backyard, consider what pit size, style, and design would look and work with your outdoor space.

Fire Glass

For a more aesthetically pleasing fire pit, consider switching out your traditional wooden logs for fire glass. This tempered glass material is specifically manufactured to retain and direct heat in gas fire pits. Instead of burning, fire glass refracts light and retains heat without melting or discoloring. Another major benefit is that fire glass does not create toxic fumes, soot, ash, or smoke. Fire glass can be found in a variety of colors and sizes to enhance the look of your fire pit.


Speaking of gas fire pits, I’ve noticed that many homeowners are making the switch from traditional wood-burning fire pits to gas-powered pits, and it’s no secret why. Unlike traditional pits with wooden logs that can take time to get going, gas fire pits can begin burning at full capacity in just a few seconds. The flame instantly turns on and off without any hassles. Gas-powered fire pits are also safer, as there are no hot embers or sparks to worry about. They can also be used in many places where traditional wood-burning fire pits are not allowed.

Holiday Lights

If you have young children or pets, you may want to skip the fire aspect of a fire pit altogether. However, you can still enjoy the soft light and ambiance of a pit by wrapping your logs in holiday lights. Use a battery-operated strand of exterior lights or conceal the extension cord toward the bottom of the wood pile. This flameless fire pit option can be used all year long to give your backyard an extra-special touch.


Instead of holiday lights, you may want to burn candles in your fire pit. Candles emit a soft light without the inconvenience and safety concerns of wood-burning fire pits. There are several ways you can set up your fire pit with candles. Try filling the bottom of the pit with glass beads, then arranging candles of different lengths in glass jars in the fire pit. The glass beads will help stabilize the candles. Another option is to fill your fire pit with water. You can then place floating candles, water flowers, and other decorative items on top of the water.


Fire pit sculptures combine art and functionality to enhance your deck, patio, or outdoor seating area. Globe-shaped fire pits are often hand-cut out of steel to create a durable design that looks amazing when illuminated by a fire within. Steel fire pit designs range from intricate flowers to replicas of popular TV and film characters. Fire pits can also be cut into large boulders and tree stumps if you wish to include natural elements in your landscape design.