Want to have an adventure? Enjoy autumn while exploring the different types of leaves that have fallen in your backyard! Use this leaf identification chart to name which type of tree each beautiful leaf has fallen from. These images of different kinds of leaves reveal the full splendor of the different colors and shapes of autumn. When you pick up a leaf, do you have a smooth and curved fruit tree leaf or a five-pointed, spike-like shape indicative of the many types of maple leaves? Is it simple or compound, palmate or pinnate, or lobed or not lobed? Study the shape and texture closely if you want to complete a tree identification by leaf shape. Pay especially close attention if you’re trying to determine the specific type of a common tree, like a maple tree. Leaf identification can be a fun activity with kids as you’re walking about, and it can teach them to tell the types of fall leaves apart as well as encourage their scientific curiosity. But it doesn’t need to be autumn for you to use our guide to tell alder tree leaves from oak tree leaves; identification can be fun year-round!

Fall Leaf Identification Guide Infographic

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