Pallet on Wheels

CAPTION: Put a pallet on wheels for a mobile coffee table. ATTRIBUTION: Eren {sea+prairie} (Flickr)

Pallets can be used and reused multiple times due to their strong, resilient construction. Before disposing of your old pallets, consider giving them new life in your garden. There are countless ways to transform wooden pallets into creative works of art. Here are just a few things you can make for your garden with just an old pallet.

Vertical Planter

Create a lush and vibrant vertical garden with just an old pallet, a roll of landscaping fabric, potting soil, and a slew of your favorite flowers. Simply staple the landscaping fabric along the back, bottom, and sides of the pallet and fill the pallet with soil through the slats on the side with no paper. Plant your flowers between the slats, adding more soil as needed until the plants are tightly packed in the end. Lean your planted pallet against a wall, and voila – a vertical planter.

Outdoor Seating

Create a variety of outdoor seating by cutting up wooden or plastic pallets. Add stainless steel plates and legs for stability and cushions for comfort.

Garden Work Bench

Turn several pallets into a garden work bench or potting bench by adding legs to the bottom pallet. The space in between the pallets can be used to store gardening tools and extra materials.

Coffee Table

Enjoy your morning cup of coffee in your garden while sitting in front of a handmade coffee table. To create your own, sand down a sturdy pallet, seal the wood with lacquer, and add caster wheels for mobility.

Candle Chandelier

Light up your garden at night by creating a whimsical chandelier. Attach wire or any durable cord material to the four corners of the pallet and hang it from a large tree limb. Hang mason jars containing lit candles from hooks on the bottom of the pallet.

Wood Shed

If you have a lot of pallets available, consider building a wood shed in your garden to keep your tools and materials. Pallets can be used to build the floor, walls, and ceiling of the shed. Sheet metal or barn siding can be used to cover the pallets.

Compost Bins

Pallet compost bins are inexpensive to make and are perfect for holding tons of organic matter. For this project, you’ll need four of the same-sized pallets and nylon rope or bailing wire to lash together the pallets at the corners.

Walking Path

If your landscaping is constantly getting muddy, consider creating a pathway of old pallets. Pallets can be left as is and lined up along the ground or taken apart so that the slats can be used as steps.

Raised Garden Bed

It can be difficult for some individuals to kneel on the ground to plant. A raised garden bed eliminates this problem. Stack several pallets until you’ve reached a desirable height. Use landscaping fabric on the back of the top pallet to prevent the soil from falling through the slats.

Swing Chair

Create a space to relax after a long day of gardening. An old pallet can be used to create a swing chair or bench. Attach rope or metal chains to the strongest part of the pallet and hang it from the porch or a tree limb.

Tool Holder

Need a place to hold your garden rakes, shovels, and other large tools? Attach a pallet vertically against your shed or garage wall and insert the tools between the slats for easy storage.

Plant Shelf

Take apart an old pallet and create practical and decorative plant shelving. Use the slats to create a rectangular box that can hold soil and plants, or leave the shelving open to allow for potted plants to be displayed.

Greenhouse Box

If you live in a climate susceptible to cold weather, consider creating a greenhouse box out of some old pallets. Portable greenhouses protect delicate plants from chilly temperatures in the winter and sweltering conditions in the summer.

Wooden Fence

Create a divider or fence in your garden by placing pallets vertically. Attach each side of the pallets to wooden posts for secure, environmentally friendly fencing.

Pallet Deck

Building a wooden deck can be costly, but using old pallets makes this project highly affordable. Pallets can be laid side by side, sanded, and sealed for a durable, weather-proof deck around your home or garden.