Use colorful containers to add plant life to your patio!

If you have a small backyard or just want to add more greenery to your landscape, you don’t have to miss out on having a garden. National Plant a Flower Day, on March 12, is a good reminder that even planting one flower or a small grouping of them in a pot can brighten up a space. You can beautify your patio by planting flowers, or you can even start an edible garden on your deck. From vertical planters to planter pockets, there are lots of ways to turn your patio into a lively outdoor retreat.

Vertical Gardening

If space is limited, a vertical garden can be set up in a corner or against a wall. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to build a vertical garden is with an old pallet. Staple landscape fabric between the deck boards and fill the spaces with herbs, salad greens, or ornamentals. Vertical gardens can also be built from other materials, such as a trellis, ladder, or PVC rain gutters. If you don’t have floor space to dedicate to a garden, install shelves on the side of your home and display your pots there.

Mounted Planters or Canisters

Planter boxes and canisters can be mounted directly onto the side of your home, on a nearby fence, or on any wall that needs some sprucing up. When mounting planters on your patio, be sure that the container you use has adequate drainage: If you are using unconventional containers as planters, you’ll need to drill some small holes into the bottom. To make an even bigger impact on your patio, create a living wall planter. Living wall planters feature a wood frame that can be mounted against most types of walls. These eye-catching planters can hole up to a dozen or more plants at one time.

Stacked Planters

Find new ways to display your favorite plants on your patio by stacking planters. You can find stacked planters readily available at many stores, or you can build one yourself with a few simple materials. For example, terra cotta pots of varying sizes can be placed inside of one another to create a stacked look. You can achieve a similar look with planter boxes. For a more unique look, build a DIY tipsy pot planter tower. This whimsical planter design contains several planters stacked onto a pole at different angles.

Planter Pockets

Hanging planter pockets are an inexpensive way to add greenery to your patio without sacrificing too much space. Planter pockets can be made out of a wide range of materials you probably already have at home, such as old soda bottles, PVC piping, nylon pencil pouches, or pouches made from felt or other material that has been sewn together. When making your own planter pockets out of fabric, use a plastic liner inside. Once you’ve created your pockets, you can add soil and your favorite plants. Add grommets or sew handles onto your planter to make it easy to hang on a hook or mount against a wall.