ATTRIBUTION: Photo by Pistils Landscape Design + Build (Flickr)

Wish you had more privacy when you step into your yard? With houses being built closer and closer together these days, it can be hard to relax without feeling like you’re constantly under your neighbors’ view. However, there are a few different tactics to try that can help you add more barriers to potential wandering eyes.

Living Fence

Skip a traditional fence in favor of a more colorful alternative. Natural fences are typically constructed of shrubbery or flowering bushes that create an eye-catching focal point in your backyard. Just like normal fences, a living fence can block wind and create a solid barrier between your home and the neighbors’. They can also be created for a fraction of the price of higher-end privacy fences.


Want more privacy but don’t want to risk blocking the beautiful views you get from your backyard? Consider building a pergola. Pergolas are popular outdoor structures consisting of columns that support a roof of beams and rafters. Since they don’t have walls, you’ll still be able to look out, but the roofing grid provides some level of privacy. Curtains can also be hung on them to create a private, romantic ambiance. Thick curtains can also act as insulation to warm up your pergola in the fall and winter months.

Privacy Panels

If traditional fencing is not an option in your backyard, consider privacy panels. Privacy panels offer a look similar to fencing but in smaller sections. These outdoor privacy screens can be found in a wide range of styles, including popular wood lattice panels. When installed on their own, lattice panels add architectural interest to a yard. You can also add more color to your yard by planting climbing vines at the base of the panels.


Tall hedges planted around the perimeter of your property can provide privacy and be an aesthetically pleasing alternative to unsightly chain link. Opt for a fast-growing plant like boxwood, which is often used as a border along property lines or for defining spaces in the garden. Keep in mind that boxwoods thrive in light shade or full sun but should not be placed in very windy areas.


Bamboo is a fast-growing evergreen perennial known for its woody ringed stems that grow in branching clusters. It is also one of the easiest plants to maintain. Bamboo typically grows up in the spring and out in the summer and fall months. New shoots take just two to three months to reach their full height, making the plants an ideal privacy screen. Bamboo can be planted directly in the ground or in decorative pots or boxes.

Corrugated Metal

There are a number of fencing styles outside of traditional wood, split-rail, and chain link. Corrugated metal is a modern fencing option that has an edgy, industrial style, but you can soften the link with wood framing or a coat of paint. As corrugated metal comes in solid, opaque sheets, it completely blocks any views that your neighbors might have had into your yard. The budget-friendly metal sheets are also highly durable, ensuring a long-lasting privacy solution.