Use fruits and veggies from your garden in your menu.

Springtime means warmer days, which are perfect for entertaining outdoors. There’s no better way to celebrate the new season than by hosting a garden party. As your garden is the main source of inspiration, you’ll want to incorporate brightly colored flowers and seasonal goodies into your party planning. Whether you’re gathering for a baby shower, a birthday, or just for fun, a spring garden party is the ultimate way to refresh and renew after a long winter.

Create the Perfect Menu

The menu for a garden party doesn’t have to be extensive or complicated. Keep it simple by creating a menu of lighter fare seasoned with herbs from your garden. Be sure to also include fresh ingredients like fruits and veggies that not only taste great but can add color and vibrancy to your dishes. For beverages, consider making themed cocktails. Serve up refreshing strawberry lemonade made with fresh berries and a splash of bourbon. Or create a delicious cucumber martini by combining vodka with some fresh lemon juice, English cucumber, simple syrup, green Tabasco, and fresh cilantro.

Set the Scene With Themed Décor

Create a cohesive party environment by choosing a tablescape and color scheme to complement your garden. Floral arrangements make great centerpieces and can be created from flowers in your garden. Keep it elegant by using pretty glassware, cloth napkins with floral napkin rings, and possibly even name plates for a personal touch. Doilies will give your tablescape a polished look when placed under tea cups. White doilies can even be dyed to match your color scheme. For lighting around your garden, hang lit Mason jars, lanterns, or globe string lights.

A themed tablescape sets the scene perfectly

Cater to the Comfort of Your Guests

When planning your spring garden party, be sure to consider your guests’ comfort. If it’s supposed to be warm on the day of the party, you may want to provide a shaded area where guests can find relief from the sun. A patio umbrella works well to block out the sun without blocking the view of your garden. Also provide comfy seating where guests can sit and mingle. If you only have hard chairs, make your seating more comfortable by adding cushions.

Don’t Forget the Party Favors

Don’t let your guests leave without a spring-inspired party favor. To save on money, consider making your own party favors using flowers from your garden. Create mini flower bouquets wrapped in tissue paper, craft paper, or burlap and tied together with string or ribbon. Another garden-themed party favor could be mini clay flower pots filled with your favorite seeds and other gardening goodies.

Plan Fun Party Games

Make use of your garden and yard by planning some fun party games. From sack and relay races to lawn bowling and cornhole, these types of games are often inexpensive to buy or make and can provide families with hours of fun. Remember, you don’t need to buy anything at all to have fun. Encourage participants to partake in a game of charades, which is sure to induce endless laughter.