Summer is the perfect excuse to spend more time in the sun, but the nice weather isn’t the only reason to get outdoors. Take advantage of sunny days by getting some important home maintenance tasks done. With a few jobs crossed off of your to-do list, you can leave for summer vacation feeling more relaxed.

Deep-Clean the Grill

No matter how well you cleaned your grill before putting it away in the fall, it will likely be covered in dirt and grime come summer. Before you first fire it up and periodically during the summer, take the time to thoroughly clean your grill. Start by disassembling the grill, which makes it easy to reach every nook and cranny. Clean the inside of the grill with a stainless steel grill brush and the outside of the grill with a microfiber towel and cleaner. Remove any leftover food residue from the grates by turning all of the burners on high for 15 minutes before grilling.

Wash the Windows

Summer means pulling back the drapes and letting the sunshine in. It also means cleaning the windows to ensure that your view is free of dirt and fingerprints. Add a teaspoon of dishsoap to a bucket filled with a couple of gallons of water. Dip a sponge in the bucket, squeeze out any excess water, and scrub the windows, working from top to bottom. Use a squeegee to remove the suds.

Clean Out Vents and Filters

Over time, the vents and filters in your home collect dirt and dust. These impurities can not only clog up your heating and cooling systems and make them have to work harder, but they can also become airborne, affecting indoor air quality. Use a vacuum attachment to suck out any accessible debris in the air ventilation ducts and vents. Then, replace your filters: A dirty filter can restrict airflow to your cooling system’s fan, which causes the blower motor to run hot, shortening its lifespan.

Clean the Porch and Deck

When you’re spending more time outside, you’re more likely to notice if your deck or patio is dirty or in rough shape. Give your porch a thorough sweeping to remove any debris like leaves, dirt, or pollen, and consider power-washing it if needed. Also, take a look at the material of the deck itself, checking for signs of damage such as wood rot or raised nails. If your deck needs to be resealed, do it now so it’s protected for the rest of your summertime festivities.

Make Exterior Paint Touch-Ups

Boost your home’s curb appeal with a few paint touch-ups. Check the perimeter of your home for places that need some TLC, such as the wood around your windows and doors. You may also want to touch up other areas outside your home, such as the porch railings, fencing, or even your mailbox.

Repair Driveways and Walkways

Before the summer is over, inspect your driveway and walkways for signs of damage. Cracks and holes in the cement should be repaired with a special sealant material. When you allow cracks to remain, water can seep in and freeze, causing greater damage. You can also extend the life of your driveway by applying a periodic seal-coating.