A decorative wreath is a simple way to introduce fall colors.

Say goodbye to the bold, beautiful shades of summer and hello to a new season of harvest-themed hues. Brilliant reds, rustic oranges, and touches of brown and yellow are part of the perfect fall-inspired color palette. Autumn is a colorful season, so get inspired and add these natural warm and rich hues around your home.

Pumpkin Patch

Capture the essence of a thriving pumpkin patch with a color palette featuring complementary greens, browns, and orange. A porch or patio is the ideal place to display this autumn color palette. Add fresh foliage to satisfy the green components and plant them in brown wood containers or miniature wagons. Introduce orange to your décor in the form of lovely heirloom pumpkins. Know that certain types of heirloom vegetables, such as Musquee de Provence pumpkins, develop a brown skin when ripe.

Apple Orchard

This color palette consists of soothing tones seen in a typical apple orchard, such as medium greens, beige, pale blue, and rustic red. The living room is an excellent place to add these colors from nature. Set the scene with warm beige furniture, and add pale blue throw pillows and rustic red rugs or accessories. Leaf accents on the mantel or along a windowsill bring touches of green. If you are short on floor space, introduce color using wall décor such as harvest prints or candle sconces.

Fall Foliage

Fall foliage includes rich browns, burnt oranges, and yellowish tinges. To avoid overpowering a space, try using these colors sparingly. For example, in a family room, an orange upholstered chair can act as a focal point. However, keep the rest of the room neutral by choosing white-washed walls and beige couches. One fun way to add natural browns to your décor scheme is by bringing the outdoors in. Create a natural display of tree branches adorned with fall leaves in a vase or a piece of pottery.

Crisp Autumn Day

This next autumn color palette has a countryside feel with several shades of pale blue, foliage green, and orangish-brown hues. Consider this harmonious color scheme for your kitchen. Splash a fresh coat of blue paint on your walls to create an airy, bright space. Use green and brown as accent pieces in the room. Throw a runner across your table, and set up a centerpiece with candles, pumpkins, and an arrangement of fall foliage. The tops of the cabinets are also a great place to show off your collection of seasonal décor.

Salted Caramel

The salted caramel color palette consists of warm brown and gray hues. Try adding these colors to the bedroom this fall in a simple way. Gray paint on the walls creates a neutral backdrop that can be enjoyed all year long. An easy way to make a big change in the bedroom is by swapping out the sheets: Exchange your current bedding set for sheets and shams in a rich brown hue. Throw pillows are inexpensive and can add instant color and texture to your bedroom.