A fireplace acts as a focal point in the home, adding charm, sophistication, and a hint of romance to any space. If your fireplace looks old, worn, or outdated, consider a revamp. Breathing new life into an existing fireplace doesn’t have to be complicated or costly: You can refresh your fireplace on nearly any budget while transforming the look of the room.

Build a Mantel

The mantel is one of the most distinctive components of a fireplace. If your existing fireplace doesn’t have a mantel, consider adding one. Traditionally, a mantel appears as an ornamental shelf above the fireplace, often with a structure that frames the opening of a fireplace. However, if space is limited, you may want to consider installing a floating mantel, which can be built inexpensively and fairly simply.

Update the Hearth

The hearth of a fireplace was created to prevent fire hazards and add a decorative element. Most are paved with brick, cement, or flagstone, which extends into the room to reduce the chance of burning embers falling onto the floor. If you’re considering ways to update the hearth, consider installing new tiles. For a rustic look, consider natural brick. Smooth glass, slate, or marble can be used to create a more contemporary look.

Apply Fresh Paint

Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint is all that’s needed to turn a fireplace from blah to amazing. Fireplaces made of brick can be painted to create a warm and cozy space that is more reflective of your unique tastes. To instantly lighten up the room, consider painting the brick a bright white. Although a whitewashed brick fireplace is a classic choice, you may also want to consider black or gray for a dramatic effect.

Install Glass Doors

Give your fireplace a lavish upgrade by installing glass doors. Glass fireplace doors add beauty and energy-efficiency to your home. They are also an excellent safety feature to add to your existing fireplace: Glass doors are designed to keep a fire contained while adding unmatched aesthetic appeal. You can find glass doors in standard sizes to fit nearly any opening.

Hang a Screen

Block out dangerous sparks with a durable fireplace screen. Using a mesh screen is an inexpensive way to enhance the style of your fireplace while making it safer, which is especially important in homes with children and pets. There are a number of different screen options to choose from, such as three- and four-panel screens that are surrounded by a copper, brass, or steel rim.

Retile the Fireplace

A fireplace with old tile can make your space feel outdated. Ideally, you’ll want to start from scratch and replace the tile with natural stone or another high-quality material. However, if you are on a tight budget but want to transform your fireplace, peel-and-stick tiles can create a high-end look with a minimal investment. You can find peel-and-stick tiles in a wide range of styles, such as slate, mosaic, and marble.