Stand on the curb in front of your house. What do you see? If you’re not satisfied with your home’s exterior and landscape, your property could be lacking curb appeal. Improving your home’s curb appeal doesn’t just make your home look better to passersby; it’s also a great way to increase the resale value of your house. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to enhance your home and yard to create eye-catching appeal.

Keep Your Lawn and Landscaping Tidy

Your lawn is one of the first things people notice when they look at your home. To achieve a well-manicured lawn, keep your yard mowed and use landscape edging to create crisp, clean lines between beds and other areas. If your grass is patchy or damaged, plant grass seed or lay down sod or sod plugs. Also, be sure to weed flower gardens and sweep driveways and sidewalks.

Update Your Front Door

Give your front door a makeover with a fresh coat of paint and a few decorative touches. Updating your front door can transform the look of your home’s exterior. Consider a bright, bold color that makes your door pop. Wood stain can give your door a more traditional look. Also, consider replacing old door hardware and upgrading basic trim around the door with decorative molding. Complete the look with a new doormat, matching flower pots on each side, and/or a festive wreath.

Install a New Mailbox

Replacing an outdated mailbox is a simple way to add instant appeal to your home without spending a bundle. Today, there are many styles to choose from. If space is limited, consider a sleek wall-mounted mailbox. A freestanding mailbox can add a decorative element to the front of your home and often comes with convenient security features. Even an inexpensive post-mount mailbox can be adorned with colorful flowers or vinyl designs.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Furniture

A porch or patio can be a lovely addition to a home and can greatly approve your curb appeal if done right. However, worn or outdated furniture can negatively impact the look of your home. Consider adding some new pieces to your outdoor space, such as a patio table, chairs with modern cushions, and a stylish patio umbrella.

Create Well-Defined Paths

The last thing you want are people trampling your flower beds and freshly mowed lawn. By creating well-defined paths, you can make your home appear more put-together and inviting. There are a number of affordable ways to create pathways around your home. Broad stepping stones can create an informal path and provide safe access to your front door or backyard. Brick, gravel, or even wood pallets can also be used to create decorative pathways.

Power-Wash Your Home’s Siding

Dirt and grime on the sides of your home can make your home appear unkempt. With a little time and elbow grease, you can usually remove built-up crud and reveal the clean siding underneath. You can pressure-wash the sides of your home using detergent and a pressure-washer wand with a rotating or utility brush for tough spots. When power-washing your home, be sure to always point the wand down to prevent damaging the siding.