Use items from your garden to create a stunning centerpiece. ATTRIBUTION: ProFlowers (Flickr)

Use items from your garden to create a stunning centerpiece. ATTRIBUTION: ProFlowers (Flickr)

As the weather outside gets dreary, brighten up your home with festive winter décor. Even though your flowers may be fading and your fruits, veggies and herbs may be unfit for consumption due to the changing weather, these items from your garden can still be used indoors. Check out these fun ways to incorporate garden herbs, flowers, vegetables, fruits, and other garden goodies into your winter décor.


Garden fresh herbs can be used for more than just spicing up a home-cooked meal. Many also have ornamental beauty and an alluring aroma. This winter season, warm a pot of your favorite smelling herbs over the stove to create an inviting fragrance in your home. Just fill a small saucepan with water, bring to a boil, and add a variety of ingredients, such as lemon balm, lavender, mint, thyme, rosemary, or sprigs of sage.


If the flowers in your garden detest the cold weather, bring them inside and use them in your winter décor. Faded blooms can be painted to revive their color or glitter can be added for a pop of sparkle. Add flowers to holiday wreaths, homemade garland, or winter table arrangements. To create a centerpiece for your dining table, insert flowers into a Styrofoam ring and place a candle in the center of the ring.


Can’t eat those garden veggies? Use them to make wintery decor for your home. Grab a small-bristled paintbrush and a palette of paints and create snowflakes, a holiday scene, or your favorite seasonal characters on the vegetables and put them on display. Veggies of various sizes and shapes can also be painted or glitter can be added to make them more festive. Fill a clear glass vase or jar with your beautified vegetables.


A trip to your garden can add bright color and sweet fragrance to your holiday decorations. Use small fruits like kumquats to create a festive topiary. Simply glue the fruits together and use toothpicks to secure a few decorative flowers on top. Sugared fruits are charming and add whimsy to a home. Fill a pedestal-style bowl with sugar and add colorful sugared fruits on top.


If you have pine trees in your garden area, you’re sure to have an abundance of pinecones at your disposal. Pinecones can be used for numerous winter decorations, such as tree ornaments, wreaths, and cute Christmas characters. Pinecones can also be spray painted, attached to ribbon and hung from door knobs. Consider creating a holiday basket display for your table with pinecones, candles and colorful glass bulbs.


Gather fresh greenery from your garden to use in your holiday décor. Add color or sparkle to leaves and place them in clear bulbs to hang on your tree. Dried leaves can also be added to holiday wreaths, garland and centerpieces. Leaves can be dried in direct sunlight or pressed flat between two heavy books. Leaves can also be ironed to better preserve their color.