Keukenhof Gardens is one of the largest flower gardens in the world. ATTRIBUTION: Daniel Farrell (Flickr)

Travel the world and experience all that Mother Nature has to offer. From acres of colorful flowers to exotic plants and trees, the world’s most famous gardens are a source of beauty and art. Each magnificent garden has a vast, interesting history and a fascinating style that makes it truly unique. Here’s a look at some of the world’s most amazing gardens that you need to see.

Keukenhof Gardens (Lisse, Netherlands)

Keukenhof Gardens, also referred to as the Garden of Europe, is one of the largest and most beautiful flower gardens in the world. Covering more than 79 acres, Keukenhof is visited by more than 800,000 people each spring. The gardens, which are opened from the end of March to mid-May, feature more than seven million flowering bulbs, including a wide selection of daffodils, tulips, roses, orchids, lilies, irises, and hyacinths.

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation (Dumfries, Scotland)

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation is a whimsical landscape of sculptures, landforms, bridges, fences, terraces, gardens, and spectacular architectural works. The garden spans more than 30 acres and was created by landscape architect Charles Jencks at his home in Scotland in 1989. The private garden is open to the public just one day a year to raise money for a cancer care charity dedicated to Jencks’ late wife.

Royal Botanic Gardens (Kew, Richmond, Surrey, England)

Just 30 minutes from central London is one of the world’s most famous botanic gardens, the Royal Botanic Gardens, or Kew Gardens. The gardens feature rare and beautiful plant life, breathtaking landscapes, historic buildings, and must-see glasshouses. Visitors can also explore the exotic rainforest in the Palm House or see giant lily pads in the Waterlily House.

Butchart Gardens (Brentwood Bay, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)

Butchart Gardens is consistently ranked as a top tourist destination in Victoria, BC. This group of floral displays features a sunken garden, rose garden, concert lawn walk, Italian garden, Japanese garden, and Mediterranean garden. Butchart Gardens receives nearly a million visitors each year and is open to the public and pets throughout the year.

Suan Nong Nooch (Pattaya, Thailand)

Since opening to the public in 1980, the Suan Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden has grown and developed into one of the most famous gardens in the world. It appeals to both adults and children and features a variety of beautiful landscapes and activities. Adults will likely adore the large variety of orchids and the quirky display of giant metal ants. Children often love the mini petting zoo, butterfly enclosure, and elephant rides.

Longwood Gardens (Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, United States)

Longwood Gardens features more than 1,077 acres of stunning gardens, meadows, and woodlands nestled in beautiful Kennett Square, PA. Visitors can wander through the historic Webb Farmhouse, four learning pavilions, and more than three miles of hiking trails featuring vibrant fields of wildflowers. While exploring, visitors will likely come across wildlife, including birds, butterflies, deer, beavers, and more.