Backyard ponds add beauty to any space. ATTRIBUTION: Flickr - fir3bird

Backyard ponds add beauty to any space. ATTRIBUTION: Flickr – fir3bird

Spring is on its way! Transform your backyard into a tranquil oasis by incorporating a do-it-yourself water feature. With a little time and effort, you can construct a water feature out of materials found in and around the home, with minimal out-of-pocket costs. Water features can range from simple and soothing, to complex and eye-catching, depending on your space, budget, and level of ambition. Try your hand at one of these decorative water feature projects in your own garden or backyard.

1. Rock Fountain

One of the simplest DIY water features is a basic rock fountain. This water feature is also one of the most natural looking. Rock fountains feature large, smooth rocks arranged in a way that allows water to run down into a pond at the base. To create it, you must first dig a hole for the pond and prevent leakage with padding and a pond liner. A water pump can be purchased online or in some stores to force the water to the top of the rock setup.

2. Bubbling Bowl

Not ready to face buildina a full water feature? This project is a bit more simple. To create a bubbling bowl in your backyard, you must first find a durable glazed and sealed stoneware bowl, preferably 20 to 30 or more inches in diameter. Submerge a bubbler pump in the bowl and watch it do its thing. Bubbling water features create subtle waves in the water for a calm, relaxing effect.

3. Stacked Pots Fountain

Ceramic pots of varying sizes can be stacked to create a stunning water feature that produces small, lapping waves. For the water to flow properly, opt for glazed outdoor pots with rolled rims. For a three-tiered display, you will need three display pots (which can be seen on the outside), and two support pots (which sit inside the display pots and cannot be seen). Place a water pump in the base pot and run a tube through each pot.

4. Rustic Wall Fountain

If your backyard has a stone or stucco wall, it may be possible to incorporate a variety of water features. Scalloped bowls of varying sizes are often used on walls to allow water to pour down into a large pond below. The wall can be left in its original condition or can be dressed in bright colors for a more modern look. Glass, ceramic or stone tiles can be adhered to the wall to add instant vibrancy.

5. Watering Can Waterfall

Reuse old galvanized watering cans for a whimsical water feature in your garden. In this water feature, one or more watering cans are arranged at varying heights and slightly tilted. Once the water is running through the cans, the top watering can pours water into the second can and so on until it reaches a large bottom tub. The watering cans can be hung on any type of hanging bracket, and a small water pump is used to propel the water.