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Does the umbrella in your backyard stand out amongst the nearby trees? Why do you suppose that is? What types of trees do you have back there? If you don’t know, how are you supposed to figure it out? This page has many resources to help you identify different types of trees. Begin with a ten question test to determine your knowledge of trees. The little quiz covers scientific names, tree folklore and trivia. The answer key is at the bottom of this page. No peeking.

1. What do you call a group of tree species that have fundamental traits in common but that differs in lesser characteristics?

a. species

b. hybrid

c. genus

2. What do you call a tree derived from one parent that is genetically identical to the parent tree?

a. cultivar

b. clone

c. superior selection

3. What kind of tree is an Alnus glutinosa?

a. Alder, Black

b. Alder, European

c. Alder, Common

4. What is the scientific name for the Paper Birch tree?

a. Betula papyrifera

b. Betula pendula

c. Betula lenta

5. What is the common name for the tree Prunus virginia?

a. Chinquapin

b. Crabapple, Parkman

c. Chokecherry, Common

6. In Wiccan Folklore, which tree is called “the Honesty”?

a. Ash Tree

b. Chestnut Tree

c. Cypress Tree

7. In folklore, which tree symbolizes love, charm, appeal and attraction?

a. Fig Tree

b. Apple Tree

c. Oak Tree

8. Which tree was most used for barrel-making and ship building as well as for spells?

a. White Oak

b. Poplar

c. Willow

9. In ancient folklore, which plant symbolized the King that mated with Queen Ivy in the old Somerset carol?

a. Heather

b. Rowan

c. Holly

10. According to the Celtic Tree Calendar, which tree paired with the moon of waters for prosperity, protection and healing?

a. Alder

b. Ash

c. Elder

If you need to study more of if you just want to learn more about trees, visit some of these resource links and begin expanding your knowledge of trees.



Answer Key

  1. c. genus
  2. b. clone
  3. c. Alder, Common
  4. a. Betula papyrifera
  5. c. Chokecherry, Common
  6. b. Chestnut Tree
  7. b. Apple Tree
  8. a. White Oak
  9. c. Holly
  10. b. Ash