Fred Jaicks  Written and compiled by Fred Jaicks


For centuries, herbs have been used for medicinal purposes. Today, different schools of thought continue to debate the safety and effectiveness of various herbal remedies. Utilizing natural herbs remains a popular method of treating both major and minor conditions. When using herbs it is most important to remember not every herb around your patio umbrella is safe. Pay special attention to the appearance of every plant. Learn what each one is and never ingest those which you suspect of being poisonous or otherwise harmful. Here is a listing of some of the most well-known medicinal herbs as well as some of the most common conditions they treat. Below that information, there are a few additional resources at your disposal. Hopefully this page will help you learn to treat your own ailments as well as treat the ailments of the others in your life.

Medicinal Herbs

Specific Herbs

  • Echinacea: Discusses all the known uses of Echinacea.
  • Garlic: Highlights the health benefits of garlic.
  • Ginseng: A lot of information about ginseng’s uses and benefits.
  • Astragalus: Provides information on the astragalus herb.
  • Kava Root: Details important facts about the kava root.
  • Cinnamon: Discusses the benefits of cinnamon.
  • Saw Palmetto: Provides information about the recent research done on this herb.

Specific Conditions

Additional Resources

  • Botanic Gardens: The official OPW links and resources page covering botany and gardens in Ireland.
  • Gardino Nursery: Links to gardening websites, especially those about rare and unusual plants.
  • Medicinal Herb Links: Provides links to many sites that deal with medicinal herbs.
  • Herbal Facts: A list of some of the most common medicinal herbs and their uses.
  • Herbal Facts: Important facts about using medicinal herbs.
  • Umbrella: Protect and shade your medicinal herbs on days when the sunlight is just too hot.