Fred Jaicks  Written and compiled by Fred Jaicks


Even with the fanciest umbrella on the market, there is neither a nation nor a populace protected from the consequences of severe weather. Thunderstorms, floods, hail, and other natural disasters are no respecter of anyone. Weather forecasting equipment and proficiencies have advanced tremendously during history, but a blizzard or hurricane can begin and strike with little warning.

Severe weather leaves in its wake leveled properties, injured persons, and sometimes death. The clean-up and repair can span years, and the toll of recovering from such catastrophic events is costly and demoralizing. Foreknowledge and preparedness are two important keys to surviving such disasters.

Thunderstorms & Lighting

  • Beamsville Weather Station: Useful links to educational sites and forums.
  • Collegiate Sports Medicine Foundation: Featured articles about weather policies and procedures.
  • Lightning Safety – Protect yourself from lightning.
  • Lightning – Is it safe to use a telephone during a lightning storm?
  • Neon Desert: Recommended weather links to NOAA sites and also weather safety resources.
  • Severe Weather Preparedness – Be prepared whenever severe weather like thunderstorms strike.
  • Thunderstorms and Tornadoes – Complete overview, including illustrations, of thunderstorms and tornadoes.
  • Thunderstorms – Gamma rays generated by severe weather.
  • Severe Weather – How to identify a thunderstorm.
  • Storm Chasers – Find out what it is like to chase storms.
  • Patio Umbrellas: Protect yourself from those April showers and those severe summer storms.
  • VA-EAS: Weather information from the Virginia State Emergency Communications Committee


  • What is a Blizzard? – Learn about blizzards, why they can be dangerous and how to stay safe.
  • Winter Preparedness – Fact sheet to help prepare for blizzards and other natural disasters.
  • Winter Storms – Causes of blizzards and severe winter weather.
  • Injuries – Types of injuries are associated with blizzards and winter storms.
  • Winter Driving – Surviving a blizzard in an automobile or other vehicle.


  • Tornado FAQ – Frequently asked questions about tornadoes and how to survive them.
  • Tornadoes – Causes, safety factors, and other important considerations.
  • FEMA Tornado Tips – Fact sheet about tornadoes from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
  • Tornado Safety -The causes of tornadoes and tips for tornado safety.
  • Tornado Safety – Find out what causes tornadoes and the truth about some tornado myths.




  • Hail Season – Tips to avoid costly damage during hailstorm season.
  • What Causes Hail – The causes of hail and an overview of the trends of hail in the United States
  • What is Hail – How hail forms, its composition, and the difference between hail and other severe weather conditions.
  • Where Hail Forms – Hail is a global concern.
  • Summer Hail Fact Sheet – Information about summer hail storms and how damaging they can be.
  • Hail Facts – Random tidbits of information about hail.