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Many people enjoy sunbathing and playing in the sun, but it is important to be as careful as possible when you are outside. Take a break indoors or under a patio umbrella after prolonged exposure to the sun. It is widely known that the suns’ UV rays can quickly do lasting damage to the skin if the proper protection is not taken. Therefore, it is important to learn how to stay safe in the sun and avoid illnesses and skin problems later on.

Ultra-violet rays cause damage and aging to one’s skin. For more information on UV rays, go to Wikipedia . Sun damage, especially repeated sunburn, has a number of negative effects and can damage the skin in many ways. Sunburn is known to cause rosacea, as well as make acne worse. Too much sun will dry out the skin, and possibly cause sun spots, which can be read about at Go Sun Smart. For more information on what the sun can do, read this information at Ezine. To see pictures of what the sun can do to a person’s skin, go to Visualdx Health and the Mayo Clinic. But be forewarned, these images are not pretty.

In addition to dry skin and rosacea, the sun’s UV rays are the leading cause of skin cancer in the United States, affecting more than 1 million people per year. There is no guaranteed cancer prevention method, but when in the sun, skin should be protected properly when especially during stints of high or extended exposure. To learn more about skin cancer and the sun, go to Medicine Net and Family Doctor . For information on skin care and how to protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays, see Skin Care Guide and About . Those who tan in tanning booths run an even higher risk of skin damage, which can be read about at Buzzle .

Protect Yourself Properly

Assuring your personal wellness from the sun’s harmful rays is both simple and complicated. It might seem like staying out of the sun is the most effective method, but there are harmful side effects. It has been scientifically proven that people get depressed when they aren’t exposed to enough natural light. Therefore, shutting yourself indoors is not the best option. Instead, try to protect yourself and your skin when outdoors. Children should be protected the most, because their skin is young and the most delicate. For more information on ways to protect infants less than 6 months old, go to ParentHood . Information on protecting babies and toddlers can also be found at Solartex Ebabybanz and Kids Health . Those with disabilities should also be protected, as should the elderly. This is because sunburn and sun damage could aggravate any disability, illness or disease they may already have. To learn more about protecting oneself from the sun, go to the CDC, Aocd, and the American and the Academy of Dermatology . To learn about the types of sun block that should be used, as well as many tips and tricks for staying safe in the sun, read up at Daily Celebrations Essortment , and Net Doctor . At Sun Protection learn about clothing to wear to protect yourself from UV rays, as well as other sun safety lessons. Tugasunwear offers kid’s clothing to keep your young ones protected right through their clothing. Of course, you could always invest in a nice umbrella too.

Those who get too much sun and end up with sunburn should treat it right away. For information on the different types of treatments available, from over the counter creams and sprays, to other medical treatments, go to the online Skin Care Guide .