Fred Jaicks  Written and compiled by Fred Jaicks


The Adirondack chair made its debut in a town by the Adirondack Mountains in New York. This town is called Westport, and these chairs were at first called Westport chairs.

The chairs were developed by Thomas Lee, who was looking to build a chair for comfort and relaxation, as well as indoor and outdoor use. The chair was developed in the early 1900s. For more information on the history of the Adirondack chair, go to Ezine, Adirondack Chairsand Wikipedia.

Go to the Visit Adirondacks site to see and learn about the mountains that the chairs were named for. At Adirondack Prints, pictures of the Adirondack Mountains will interest every viewer. Visitors to the area can enjoy the ADK Museum and learn all there is to know about the area and its history, up close and personal.

For more history of the Adirondack Mountains and the chairs themselves, there are many websites that are available to browse.
At Shaw Creek General Store, Adirondack-Chair, and Log Furniture Directory, visitors can learn all about the history of the chairs, as well as view the chairs for purchase on each site. For more pictures, go to Popular Mechanics.

A popular hobby for many is the making of Adirondack chairs. Many people make a great living building and selling these popular chairs. The most common woods used to make Adirondack chairs are pine, redwood, and oak. However, for the best quality, as well as long-lasting, the latter two woods should be used. For more information on the wood used to make these chairs, visit AM-Wood and Ezine.

For many do-it-yourself woodworking plans to build Adirondack chairs, there are many websites to use. These include Wood Workers Wood ShopAaadirondack Chairs, and Essortment. To buy kids Adirondack chairs, stop over at Comfort House.