Fred Jaicks  Written and compiled by Fred Jaicks


Learn more about trees, or test your knowledge of trees by taking a self-test. Finding out more about the trees, and what they have to offer is something that will better your knowledge. Keep hints and tricks in your mind for every tree. You should be able to relate to the question.

Fill in the blanks.

  1. _____________ are a group of species of trees. Each of these trees have fundamental traits in common with one another, but they differ in some of their lesser characteristics as well.
  2. _________ __________ is Paper Birch tree’s scientific name.
  3. The tree that symbolizes appeal, love, attraction, and charm in folklore is the ____________ tree.
  4. ______________ was the plant that symbolized the King that went to mate with Queen Ivy in the old Somerset carol from ancient folklore?
  5. The _______________ tree is the tree that paired with the moon of waters for prosperity, healing, and protection? – From the Celtic Tree Calendar.

Multiple choice, choose the best answer.

  1. What is a group of tree species that have common fundamental traits, but have differences in their lesser characteristics?

a. hybrid

b. species

c. genus

  1. ‘ The Honesty’ is what type of tree according to Wiccan Folklore?

a. Cypress

b. Ash

c. Chestnut

  1. Barrel making, ship building and spells were mostly used with what type of tree?

a. Poplar

b. Willow

c. White Oak

Answer Key for Fill in the Blanks

  1. 1.     Clone
  2. Betula papyrifera
  3. Apple
  4. Holly
  5. Ash

Answer Key for Multiple Choice

  1. c. genus
  2. c. Chestnut
  3. c. White Oak