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Rain or any other type of precipitation that is unusually acidic is described as an acid rain. Acid rain has harmful effects on plant life, trees, aquatic animals, and the planet’s infrastructure, including man-made buildings and homes. To learn more about what exactly acid rain is, go to Policy Almanac and the USGS. For information geared towards children’s learning, go to Surf Net Kids.

Causes of Acid Rain

Different chemicals that are released into the atmosphere by humans are the main cause of acid rain occurring. Power plants are one of the major culprits that release large amounts of nitrous oxide and Sulfur Dioxide, the two main causes of acid rain, when they burn fuels such as coal. To learn more about what causes acid rain to occur, go to Acid RainAngel Fire, and GA Water.

Dangers of Acid Rain

Acid rain causes damage to plants and vegetation, as well as buildings. If there was no acid rain, homes and buildings would not need to be repaired as often. Aquatic life may be poisoned, and become unfit for human consumption. To learn about the history of acid rain and the problems it can cause, go to Book Rags. For facts, videos and related articles concerning acid rain go to Encyclopedia.

Acid Rain and Damage

Acid rain has been blamed on the decline of forests in certain areas, explained at Science Daily.
Acid rain in Norway has caused the acidification of the area’s bodies of lakes, causing the loss of large quantities of fish stock. For more information on the damages that acid rain has already caused go to Enfo. The information at Science a Go-Go helps put in perspective the dangers of acid rain on the environment. Acid rain is so powerful that it can eat some metals, like those in an umbrella stand.

What Can Be Done about Acid Rain?

Everyone can control their actions to help lower the amount of acid rain that occurs. Things like using less electricity can help, as do alternative energy sources like wind and solar power. Those who drive vehicles that use natural gas or are battery-powered can help control acid rain. Walking and using public transportation instead of driving is also an excellent solution. For causes, effects and solutions, visit What Can You DoThis webquest offers dozens of helpful tips that everyone can utilize. For kids, Young Peoples Trust offers excellent advice on what can be done to prevent acid rain.