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Woodworking has been around for as long as we have record of man building. You can see examples of ancient woodworking by studying the ancient Egypt and Chinese cultures. The earliest documentation of woodworking, people would use the types of wood that they naturally found around them. As trade increased, different building materials exchanged between nations. There have always been skilled artisans that focused on woodworking, but there was a time when nearly everyone used basic woodworking skills around their home. As society has moved to a more technological environment, woodworking skills have become less common.

Due to the large variety that exists at your local hardware store today, when you first begin woodworking you may be looking for resources to help you buy the right equipment and the right materials for each project. You will also be looking for plans to help you complete the project. The internet is home to a number of tips that can help your woodworking project go much more smoothly. What makes it even better is that some of the projects available online are of no cost to you.

Where Can I Go to Find Free Projects Plans?

Different projects require different types of wood and different tools to complete. It is important to understand the best materials for your project, as well as to find the best tools to complete it. The answers to these questions depend on the type of project you are doing.

What Woodworking Tools Do I Need?

What Types of Materials Should I Use?

Where Can I Find Woodworking Tips?

  • Tips for the workshop as well as home improvement.

As with any craft, it is important to draw on the skills and experience of a true craftsman. Take time to talk to someone you know who has completed similar projects before you start a project. If your friends and acquaintances are just as woodwork-illiterate as yourself, you can also get tips from these great online sources.